STS servizi, tecnologie e sviluppo is a service company that works with public and private bodies for the upgrading of already launched activities or for the design of new initiatives.

STS developes store, restaurants, hotel projects in Italy and in the rest of the world. Thanks to the direct company skills or skills achieved by the cooperation with partners and qualified professionists, the company provides a 360° service.


Our engagement is in the planning and the developing business, facilities and assistance.

STS can free his clients from the difficulties that can be experimented when there are too much troubles. STS knows how to ensure a winning project because we manage and lead the project in every aspect, with you.



STS SERVICE handles the management of the entire maintenance cycle of any facility. Thanks to the knowledge of specialized technicians and to the innovative app “h2H”, created by us and already active for several facilities, STS SERVICE is able to do various kind of maintenance operations and to respond to emergencies h24.


What can we do for your project?

Write us a line, we will be glad to hear your ideas over a coffee in ours headquarters.


The company was beneficiary from the support of the POR FESR Umbria Funds 2014-2020 – Az. 3.3.1 –Public Notice for Internationalization 2019

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